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Share Your Productize Success Story!

Have you transformed your business for the better, using the productized service model?  I (and all of us in our community) want to hear from you!

Whether you’ve just signed your first client or you’ve cracked the five, six, or seven-figure mark, we want to hear your story.

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the real-world impact that working on our business can have. It’s that fuel that keeps us going!

Whether you’ve joined my Productize course, community or mastermind—Or even if you’ve just been on my email list for a while or heard my podcasts—Your story is welcome!

I will personally review every story that comes in and if it adds value, I’ll post it on my site and perhaps share it my newsletter, along with a link to your website, of course.  It may take up to a few weeks for me to get it posted.

If possible, I encourage you to submit your story as a video (that’s a great way to skip to the front of the publishing line!).

So… What’s been your biggest win so far?  Submit your story below.

– Brian

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