Products & Services

These are the products & services that I’m actively running today.


My flagship course, community and coaching program for freelancers and entrepreneurs who are ready to transition to a more scalable and sustainable business, by leveraging the productized service model.

Since its initial launch in 2014 and through its completely new version for 2018, hundreds of students have joined Productize and have since taken massive leaps forward in growing their businesses.

Audience Ops

Audience Ops is a productized content service, which enables to founders to outsource and automate the production of their blog and lead magnet content, without sacrificing quality.

I started this business in early 2015 and spent most of my time since refining our team, processes and systems. Today, it continues to grow and run largely without my day-to-day input, although I’m still heavily involved in strategy and direction.

Ops Calendar

Ops Calendar enables marketers and agencies to streamline content production, schedule social media, track and measure results from content.

I designed and launched this software product in 2017. It was built to solve many of the pain points I've seen in running content at Audience Ops, then validated by other marketers and agencies who face the same challenges in their operation.

Audience Ops Plugins

Audience Ops WordPress Plugins are designed to power up your content marketing. Built for our own use in our Audience Ops service, these byproducts have proven to be super valuable both for us and many site owners.

Our most popular plugin in the suite is Content Upgrades, which enables you to embed an email opt-in with bonus content giveaway, then sync those opt-ins to Drip, Mailchimp or any other email marketing tool, without tediously creating new campaigns and autoresponders each time.

We also created a Landing Pages plugin, which makes it easy to launch a clean landing page on your site, without hacking apart your WordPress theme or using a 3rd-party hosted tool.

In the works: An automated webinar plugin, which makes it easy to let your visitors register and attend a recorded webinar on your site, with automated evergreen scheduling options.