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Productize Podcast is Back!

April 14, 2020
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Welcome to new listeners, and welcome back to the old ones! The Productize Podcast is back! And I don’t want to call it Season 2, as I hope to keep it going for long. I have updated the website and the show format. Listen to this episode to know more about what’s new, behind the scenes of how the show is produced, and what you can expect from the next episodes.

Today, along with this introductory episode, I’m dropping two more awesome interviews. The first is with Tim Conley, a business coach extraordinaire, a guy with such much wisdom galore. The second is with Russ Perry, the owner of Design Pickle, a crazy growing productized service going into SaaS.

Check also these new episodes available right now:

Expect a brand new episode every Wednesday morning. And if you are enjoying this new batch of episodes, I really appreciate if you review it on iTunes.

Thanks for tuning in!

Brian – Productize Podcast