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[32] All About Membership Sites w/ Travis Northcutt

April 14, 2020
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Today you’re gonna hear my conversation with Travis Northcutt, the man behind Travis’s been a long time an expert and consultant in all things membership sites. Also, Travis is an WordPress consultant, and specializes setting up membership sites on WordPress. I’ve been thinking about doing for the Productized community, so I asked Travis all about the various tools, practices and best strategies one may use if that is something you’re thinking about doing.

Travis is also working on a book when it comes to launching, managing and growing your membership site, so that’s definitely something you wanna check out.

Special Deal for Travis’s book just for Productize podcast listeners:


Episode Notes

[5:10] Travis beginnings as a WordPress web developer. How he transitioned to the membership site model niche. Sending daily emails to his audience. Getting referral clients from plug-ins developers. Specialists’ vs generalists’ marketing.

[17:27] Travis new project: a SaaS product to measure member engagement to increase up-sales and reduce churn in membership sites. Communities as a way to reduce churn and extend the lifetime of customers.

[22:58] Churn, causes and tips to reduce it. Pricing and packaging tips. Dripping the content vs giving it all. Facebook, Slack, Discourse vs own platform. Best community engagement practices.

[37:44] Tools and plug-ins. Issues when migrating platforms.


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