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[92] A Community-Based Approach to Lauching Your Next Act w/Dan Andrews

September 25, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Dan Andrews of of well, a lot of things! He is the co-founder of Dynamite Jobs, the co-host of the well loved podcast Tropical MBA, co-organizer of the Dynamite Circle, and quite a few other businesses he has either exited or moved on from.

Dan discusses Productized Services, and how he has used that knowledge to run the TMBA Podcast consistently for over/almost a decade. He also dives into his new venture Dynamite Jobs discussing what led them to starting it, and covering what has and hasn’t worked so far and lessons they are taking from that to run this business moving forward. (1:45)


Key Takeaways

[3:28] – Productized Services are a straightforward way to identify and put yourself into a markets cash flow.

[24:45] – Business opportunities can be found by identifying and observing cash flow in a market. Communities are a great place to do this, but also a great place to take your product/service first to validate with early adopters.

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