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[90] Running Lean With Multiple SaaS w/ Mike Rubini

August 19, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Mike Rubini of Rubini Solutions. Mike Rubini is a Jazz Musician turned entrepreneur. He currently runs over 5 SaaS products focused in what he identifies as micro data.

Mike started off as a Jazz musician, but transitioned over to entrepreneurship when he realized he would not be able to make the money he needed as a musician. Since making this transition he has started multiple service and software businesses. His goal? To make enough money so that he can play Jazz, what he really loves, as often as he can. (2:00)


Key Takeaways

[22:40] – One benefit of having many micro-products under the same business is the ability to share expenses.

[52:00] – You do not need the newest or most popular software framework to build good software and a profitable business.

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