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[85] A Productized Service in the Making w/ Will King

July 15, 2020
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Hi ?, my name is Will King and I actually help write the show notes so I figured we could switch up the format for this episode! Brian and I discuss my very first business Fabled Labs, a business in progress for providing tools to self-published authors.

We start this episode by digging into how I got this gig and found a mentor in Brian by offering something that would be mutually beneficial for both of us. Then, Brian helps answer some of my questions and provides a good sanity check for the business plan and assumptions I have been making as I try and build a successful business. (8:43)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, How to build a business with a day job?

He talks about some of the tradeoffs involved with still holding down the day job while kicking off a new business. (1:58)


Key Takeaways

[19:53] – Just because you can build something does not mean it is a business.

[33:45] – A business is hard to predict down the road. Focus on your first stage and evolve with your business.

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