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[84] Using Productized Consulting as a Pathway into SaaS w/ Ward Sandler

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Ward Sandler of MemberSpace. A platform agnostic membership tool that makes growing a membership business a no brainer.

In this episode Ward takes us through his journey from Sales to Saas. His first step was consulting, but instead of sales he and his partner learned how to build websites and applications from scratch. Next, he identified a market perfect for Productization to get off of the feast and famine cycle. Finally, they built Memberspace. The problem Memberspace solves was easily identified by listening to the customers they already supported. (1:51)


Key Takeaways

[23:30] – Look to the data you have access to for business opportunities. Sure finding a new “idea” sounds fun, but your next business is often right under your nose.

[27:30] – Being early to a platform can give you a competitive advantage and a distribution channel that you wouldn’t get waiting until something is more widely adopted.

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