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[83] Scaling Sales & Onboarding for a Niche SaaS w/ Aaron Kassover

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Aaron Kassover of AgentMethods, a website builder and suite of marketing tools built for Insurance Agents.

After having his first 20 customers handed to him through connections built freelancing, Aaron has spent over a decade creating and scaling a marketing platform specifically for Insurance Agents. In our conversation he breaks down the turning points and growing pains as he has scaled this niche product. (11:14)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, 6 Business Models in Productized Services.

  1. One-Time Projects
  2. Recurring Services
  3. Unlimited Model
  4. Coaching / Done With You
  5. Software With A Service
  6. Productized Consulting

Brian digs into each of these models and more. (1:55)


Key Takeaways

[27:00] – There is reach and a clarity of purpose when focusing on only a single vertical.

[38:30] – An effective sales call does not mean showing how your product looks. Sometimes the most effective sales approach is nailing down the value provided at a higher level.

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