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[79] The power of a process first approach w/Joel Klettke

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Joel Klettke of Case Study Buddy, a productized service delivering world class case studies. They run the whole process from interview to final deliverable.

Joel gives us insight into how he started Case Study Buddy as a side project where he focused on the process more than revenue. He then goes on to explain how he has been able to remove himself completely from the day to day work, and now focuses his effort of strategy and process optimization. (5:45)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, does client feedback kill a productized service?

Brian has three tips that he covers that helped him break the cycle when he was freelancing. (0:33)


Key Takeaways

[34:40] – Self-serve is not the common approach to sales or onboarding in most Productized Services. Even if you have pricing and a buy button a sales call is usually a great idea anyway to start building trust and a relationship as soon as possible.

[51:14] – You can build a profitable business without using marketing channels like ads. It is not a strength, but Joel has done this so far and sees it as a glass half full problem. It means there are good untapped channels for growth.

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