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[77] A localized video service…sold everywhere

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Sam Shepler of Testimonial Hero, a video production service. They create high quality testimonial videos for B2B software companies anywhere in the world with zero travel fees.

Sam walks us through how he built up a network of videographers so that he can bring in a local production team without having to travel himself. He then explains how he productized not only his service, but how they onboard new freelancers. When a project gets booked in a new location they can have a new videographer up and running before the project starts. (9:48)

Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, how do you deal with the feast and famine in freelancing?

Brian has three tips that he covers that helped him break the cycle when he was freelancing. (0:33)


Key Takeaways

[23:45] – You will not be a market leading service if you are relying only on cookie cutter work that anyone could do. Not saying there isn’t a place for that, but there is a huge competitive advantage of productizing your processes, but having a network of talented people that do the work.

[30:18] – When you have a service with a large price tag you need to firmly and clearly establish your value.

[47:18] – MRR in a productized service is great, but is not always beneficial for your business. If you force it you could actually be hurting your business.

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