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[76] Going ‘premium’ in the podcasting space w/ Harry Morton

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Harry Morton of Lower Street, a premium podcast production service. With a focus on businesses and brands, Lower Street delivers podcasts for growing your audience, lead generation, or even internal communication.

Harry covers how he built and grew a premium productized service in a space with a lot of hobbyists. He talks about how that effects everything from copywriting, pricing, and delivery.


Also, Brian answered this question on YouTube, how do you “Hack” uncertainty?

Key Takeaways

[27:19] The way you show value to a customer is not always the most common metric. For Harry it is not always about generating the most listens to provide value that is worth the price paid, but about bringing in the right audience and leads for the brand.

[31:06] When offering a service that provides such a vary range of value depending on the customer doing per customer pricing can be the best choice.

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