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[74] Flipping a web design service on its head w/ Jared Gold

July 15, 2020
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In this interview I talk to Jared Gold of Website by Tonight, a productized service for creating websites on Squarespace live over screen share. Instead of the “we build anything” approach, Website by Tonight delivers tightly scoped websites optimized for rapid turn around and quality design.

Jared is not shying away from the details of what it is like running a growing productized service. He breaks down the productized playbook he used that helped turn his business into a success. We then end up diving into the approach he is taking to scaling Website By Tonight and finding better clients without changing the service he has already optimized.


Also, Brian helps Jared answer the question, how do you tackle expanding the same productized service brand to a different audience?

Key Takeaways

[7:51] Selling to your team is just as important as selling to your clients.

[27:40] Listen to your customers. You can discover new value, problems, and processes to apply to your service.

[41:19] To reach a market that is either saturated or has a bad reputation you can reach your customers by providing genuine value. In Jared’s case it was through community.

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