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[71] Serving Your Own People With a Solo Productized Consulting Service w/ Meg Cumby

April 13, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Meg Cumby, from Meg Cumby Consulting.

She is running a solo productized consulting service. She offers testimonials and case studies as an outsourced done-for-you service for her clients who happen to be consultants as well.

It’s interesting to hear how her process is very focused and streamlined, starting from sales, going to the application form, and in the way she engages with clients.

It’s all very predictable, simplified, and it permitted her to run it solo.


Episode Notes

[3:48] Coming up with the idea of a done-for-you testimonial service.

[8:35] The consultation step by step. Benefits of showing the pricing upfront.

[13:45] The difference between testimonials and case studies. Questions to ask. Benefits of having a third-party to give feedback.

[23:43] What the deliverables look like. Recurring services vs one time products.

[30:50] Getting pilot clients at conferences and online communities.

[35:54] Running processes solo.