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[69] Building Products for Product People w/ Janna Bastow

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Janna Bastow. She is the co-founder of ProdPad along with Mind The Product.

Janna is a Product Manager by trade and she built her product SaaS and product community for Product Managers 🙂

We talk about what it means to be a Product Manager. Janna does a great job clarifying that for me as sometimes that definition falls in many grey areas.

We deep dive into the story of ProdPad. Her SaaS app had a great growth from 2012 and Janna has some interesting stories to share about challenges she faced.


Episode Notes

[3:29] The origin of ProdPad and Mind The Product. Managing the 2 organizations.

[14:09] What is Product Management. How to get into it. Comparison with Project Management.

[23:05] Competition. Balancing what competition is doing with listening to customers. Liabilities of building new features. When to really pay attention at competitors.

[28:59] Launching and growing ProdPad. Rebuilding the SaaS to move from a timeline chart roadmap to a time horizon roadmap.

[44:51] Challenges. The big mistake to rebuild the whole app without a clear vision, while growth flatted out for an entire year. How they had more conversions by reducing the trial time from 30 to 7 days.

[55:47] Plans and trends for 2018. The rise of Product Management.