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[67] Scaling a Niche Web Design Service w/ Dustin Overbeck (Town Web)

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Dustin Overbeck. He runs TownWeb, a web design and hosting service focused on town municipalities.

It’s fascinating hearing someone selling to the Government market, as my previous guest Greg Berry.

A curious fact of Dustin is that basically all of his customers are based in the US, but he and his family have lived overseas for all the 11 years he was growing this business, whether in the Philippines, China, or Romania.

We talk how he evolved the team to remove himself from the business, the technical aspects of running a platform with over 400 customers, moving from a custom platform to WordPress, and a bunch of other stuff.


Episode Notes

[4:44] Selling an utility to Government. Features a municipality website has to have.

[14:41] Payment cycles and statistics of a B2Gov business.

[25:35] Doing the first town websites from China, when WordPress and UpWork still didn’t existed. Dealing with clients with a 12h timezone difference.

[35:33] Lifestyle milestones. Reaching the break-even point. The problem of over-automation. The importance of a human, personal onboarding process.

[44:09] Enjoying the lifestyle now. Taking flight lessons in Romania.