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[65] Agency Matchmaking as a Service w/ John Doherty

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to John Doherty, from

Credo is an interesting marketplace where if you need SEO services for your business they will match you with an SEO agency. High touch SEO agency matchmaking as a service if you will.

John is a long SEO expert himself. He helps his clients better understand the process of hiring an SEO agency, and he helps agencies get matched up with better clients, well vetted, and qualified every step of the way through.

It is very interesting the angle from which John facilitates all the process from start to finish, in a subject which is cloudy to most of us.


Episode Notes

[3:24] How Credo differentiates from a traditional marketplace.

[14:40] The day to day of an SEO professional. Building a marketing team.

[24:40] How agencies outsource SEO services. Why John did not go the agency model.

[30:50] Launching Credo. Why a model where email is obscured like UpWork does, does not work with six figures transactions.

[37:03] Credo’s process to onboard clients. Avoiding client ghosting.