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[59] Software Testing as a Service… And a Community w/ Rosie Sherry

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Rosie Sherry. She runs Ministry of Testing, a thriving community for software testers.

Software testers are people who test software application and websites. They test the user experience and check that all features are working properly and that there aren’t any foreseeing risks or vulnerabilities. Testing is an extremely important piece of the puzzle when you build a product.

Rosie has built up this membership community with free and private areas, courses, and organizes a lot of conferences. We talk about what is testing, what’s involved, and how she’s been able to build a thriving community over the past several years.


Episode Notes

[3:12] What is Ministry of Testing. Being a professional software tester.

[10:52] The importance of running tests professionally. Common traits of successful testers.

[21:09] How Rosie got into testing and got into creating a community after having two kids.

[27:29] Attracting the first members and bringing the community to over 20k participants. The importance of the “human connection”.

[36:20] Team, milestones, and revenue through 3 channels. How a guy from the community became the CEO.