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[57] Building a “Minimal” Business With “Minimal” SEO w/ Dan Ray

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Dan Ray from Ray Digital Marketing and

He is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and, specifically, a link building specialist. Link Building, building links back to websites, is a key component of SEO.

SEO get a bad reputation sometimes. It can be taught to break through the noise and the trust barrier, because there are so many shady players in the world of SEO, mainly related to black-hat SEO.

I just like how open and transparent Dan has been with the way he presents himself and his services. We talk about some interesting turns that he’s had along the way from building up to 6 figures per month in service income and then ramping down, only to build it back up again.

And of course we talk tactics about SEO and building individual links to your website.


Episode Notes

[5:16] Dan’s philosophy to cap his maximum revenue per client and intentional ceiling his income.

[8:29] Building the team for the first operation.

[11:55] How Dan got into SEO. The point Dan understood he had to build systems to run his business.

[16:06] Turning points and restricting personal time to clients.

[20:11] Closing down the business, and rebuilding it up again. What’s different this time.

[25:06] How the process looks like from the client’s point view. Common places to get back-links. Types of links.

[32:57] Competing for attention in outreach cold emailing.

[37:41] How Dan’s clients think in terms of results. The “Transparency Strategy”.

[41:11] Community and his strategy to sell high ticket training.