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[56] Building a Service That Keeps You Healthy & Productive w/ Dr. Alexis Shields

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Dr Alexis Shields. She is a physician and she offers a really interesting productized consulting service where she takes a personalized approach to optimizing your health.

We talk about how she works with entrepreneurs, athletes and companies. Basically she does some blood work, then analyze your results, and then on an ongoing basis optimize for energy, focus, and overall health and reducing risks for chronic conditions. It’s a really interesting way to deliver this health and wellness service.

Of course we dig a lot into health and wellness, tips and topics we should be focused on while running our businesses. We need to be healthy to run our businesses.


Episode Notes

[3:22] How Dr Alexis is being able to give transparency to her practice by productizing her services.

[13:59] How diet and physical activity reflects on our blood markers and influence our energy and productivity.

[15:22] Best customers and how she finds them. Patients vs clients. How she came to this kind of business model and focused on blood work.

[24:03] Diet. Two most important topics for 2018. A rule of thumb to keeping hydrated.

[29:54] How to keep in the trail and avoid going off the path when under stress.

[33:22] Beyond blood metrics. Sleep quality, productivity, energy, gut health, libido.