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[54] Automating a SaaS to World Traveling w/ Brandon Pearce

April 14, 2020
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Today you are going to hear my conversation with Brandon Pearce. He is running a couple different things.

Brandon is the founder of Music Teacher’s Helper, a SaaS niched down into the music teaching space. What’s interesting is that he’s been running that for over 14 years. He built it up, he automated it, he’s got a team in place, and he completely removed himself from the day to day. That allowed him and his family to travel the world full-time!

Brandon is very much running the location independent lifestyle. He and his wife have really dove in into that whole world and built a whole community around that. That what’s they publish and write about, and run conferences and events over on

Really interesting talking about that whole location independent thing, something that I’m forever interested in and fascinated by, and I know that a lot of founders and online business owners like us we do have that option available to us.


Episode Notes

[2:54] How Brandon came to build Music Teacher’s Helper. Spinning of.

[11:10] Bootstrapping Marketing. Conferences. Offering free websites to teachers.

[13:42] Scaling and removing himself from the business. Constantly developing new features.

[17:40] Pearce On Earth. Traveling full-time. Wolrdschooling kids.

[27:20] Friends, family, and long term relationships while traveling.

[30:59] Family Adventure Summit. Annual event for families interested in long term travel, alternative education, entrepreneurship.