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[53] The Art of Great Copywriting w/ Sean D’Souza

April 14, 2020
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On the show today, Sean D’Souza, the well-known copywriter and marketing “thinker” from PsychoTactics. He has a membership site called 5000bc and he’s most well known for his incredible book on copywriting, the Brain Audit.

The Brain Audit really made a big impact to me when I read it a few years ago, so it was a thrill to talk to Sean today, and pick his brain about just a strategic kind of psychological-based approach to writing really strong marketing copy for any sort of product.

We also got into his story, where he came from and how he built up his business, and a lot on his lifestyle. We talk about how he takes 3 months of vacations every single year, thing that he’s been doing for about 10 years.


Episode Notes

[1:46] Sean’s approach to copywriting and business. Focusing on the 3rd conversion instead of the 1st.

[6:25] Sean’s past as a cartoonist. Persistence. The simplest way to start a business.

[16:28] Consulting, training and product: the 3 parts of a business’ system.

[18:40] How to make the transition to more leverage and less consulting.

[22:10] What makes a membership site interesting, and how to keep the value long term.

[31:26] Three months vacations. The formula to set an earnings goal. Work momentum vs Vacation momentum.

[37:14] Copywriting firsts steps for a new project. Incorporating storytelling.