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[52] How Nathan Barry 10x’d ConvertKit

April 14, 2020
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Got a good one for you today, I’m talking to Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit.

Nathan runs an impressive self-funded business for a long time now. Nathan started with info-products, books, training and apps. Finally he ended up building ConvertKit, the email marketing SaaS application, which has had a really impressive growth.

It’s always great to catch up with Nathan, because, as many of you already know his story especially from the earlier years, I could dive in in to the questions I wanted to ask him. We covered many topics that you probably haven’t heard elsewhere.

We dug into some of the tactical outbound sales strategy that he used early on in ConvertKit and how that scaled to today. Also, we talked how he was able to grow the team, and his thoughts on staying profitable and self funded, and when to invest cash into your business.

Lot’s of insightful and inspiring stuff with Nathan. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

[2:26]  Early Sales process and niching down. Tactics in building the lists to outreach. Twitter for discovering people. Exact email sequence he used to cold outreach bloggers.

[13:40] What led Nathan to do cold sales email outreach every single day. Scaling the outreach process. Meeting clients in their cities.

[23:51] Self-funding. Profitability. 2-questions framework to feeling confident to invest our personal money into the business, or shutdown.

[30:48] Keeping costs in check. Embedding frugality in the company’s culture.

[37:17] How marketing looks in 2018 for ConvertKit. Why they are organizing a conference.


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