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[51] Growing an Amazon-Focused Agency w/ Kiri Masters (Bobsled Marketing)

April 14, 2020
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Got a really good one today with Kiri Masters. She is the founder of Bobsled Marketing. You’re not going to forget that name, it’s… hey, the Bobsled Team!

They are a marketing agency for Amazon sellers. They help businesses that sell on Amazon optimize their whole product funnels and “give them a push”, going with the bobsled metaphor.

We talk all about her journey from quitting her job to starting this consulting business just for herself, and within months, bringing on a few people. Now, 3 years in, she has a team of 21 people all running marketing services for Amazon sellers.

We talk about delegating, building systems and processes. We also touch on content marketing, involving her team and developing each personal’s brand as an holistic way of building trust with her clients.

As a bonus, we talk about selling a book on Amazon as a lead generation tool.

Lot of really good insights here from Kiri. Enjoy!

Episode Notes

[2:55] The story behind Bobsled’s name. What an agency focused on Amazon do. Working for free to gain experience and authority.

[13:03] How Kiri’s moved from a performance based fee to a monthly retainer. Experimenting with pricing and contracts.

[16:44] What the team looks like. On-boarding the very first employee. Planning for maternity leave.

[25:57] What happens after filling in the consultation form on Bobsled website. Coordination between sales and ops to offer a customized project. Difficulties to productize in the Amazon space.

[30:21] Bobsled’s content marketing secret. Developing team member’s personal brand.

[33:59] A book on Amazon as a lead generation tool.

[39:45] Trends for 2018. Trust as the differentiation in a crowded market.