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[50] Pricing… Intelligently w/ Patrick Campbell (ProfitWell)

April 14, 2020
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You are going to hear my conversation with Patrick Campbell, founder of ProfitWell and Price Intelligently.

Patrick helps companies price intelligently, and his companies mix services with software products or how they put it, tech-enabled services.

We talk through Patrick story, how he started with the service side of the business, but then leveraging that to fund the launch of his freemium SaaS product, Profit Well, with some premium add-ons layered on that.

Of course I couldn’t let Patrick go without picking his brain about pricing strategy and how to figure out how to price your services or your software products and where to focus your attention in those areas.

We also talk about content strategy. They’ve been doing a lot with video in the last year too, taking a new approach to that.


Episode Notes

[4:17] From Google to bootstrapping a 10M MRR company in 6 years. Why they considered themselves a tech-enabled service and not a consulting company.

[11:58] Pitfalls trying to productize. Reconsidering business after competitors launched before you.

[20:32] How to make Freemium model a viable business. Converting trial users in paying users.

[29:05] Top of the funnel marketing content through different media.

[36:47] Pricing in Productized vs SaaS. How a service business can have 90% margins.

[43:37] When does the Freemium model make sense? How to figure out the first price point? 4 questions to ask your target customers.