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[47] 3 Productized Service Founders Compare Notes

April 15, 2020
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Really really good episode for you today. I’m excited for you to hear it.

It’s a round table with Craig Hewitt, founder of PodcastMotor, and Russ Perry, from Design Pickle.

The three of us all running productized service businesses of varying shapes, sizes, and phases of growth.

We compare notes and share our experiences about why we started a service business in the first place, what where our first growing pains, how we were able to remove ourselves and what it looks today into growing sometimes massive teams with layers of management.

Then of course, we talk taking the turn into software products which is kind of a trend these days with a lot of productized service businesses taking that next step.


Episode Notes

[9:00] Why Russ and Craig started a service business instead of a software company.

[14:49] Pricing and money conversation.

[18:53] Russ plays the host: How to deal with Haters?

[25:12] Craig plays the host: How to grow 3x?

[28:15] Removing ourselves from the business. Thoughts on hiring.

[41:46] Why going to other products and not just keep growing the service.

[50:27] Work balance managing the services and the products development.