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[46] Productizing Course Creation w/ Janet Kafadar

April 14, 2020
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Janet Kafadar focuses on the online courses, online membership, online training space. Her clients are anyone who needs to launch, set-up, maintain, grow their online training.

Janet followed a similar path to the one that I took and I think, many people in the Productize Course have taken.

She left her full-time job, then went freelancing on her own doing generalized consulting work. Finally she transitioned pretty quickly to a productized service model which has allowed her to grow and scale up her team.

Janet discuss the importance to focus on her most ideal costumer and how important is the on-boarding process.


Episode Notes

[1:36] Details of Janet’s product. One-time project vs recurring. Tools used.

[11:24] Tools

[13:47] How Janet came with the idea of helping entrepreneurs create better courses after purchasing low quality ones.

[27:09] From coaching services to a done-for-you product. Why Janet avoids selling marketing services.

[37:57] YouTube as a marketing channel and keeping a small team.