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[44] Stair-Stepping From Productized Consulting to SaaS w/ Jane Portman

April 14, 2020
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Today you’re going to hear my conversation with my friend Jane Portman.

Jane is a very talented UI/UX designer and she’s become pretty well known for that as well as using the productized consulting model which has been very successful, one of the very first productized consultants that I knew of.

She’s built her portfolio of products starting with books on UI design for SaaS applications. Then Jane went into building some few SaaS applications on her own (Tiny Reminder), and recently, one bringing in partners (, email automation for SaaS).

An interesting part of the conversation is about where she’s based: Russia! She’s one of the few people that come from that part of the world who really has been able to break out and build a name for herself.


Episode Notes

[2:08] How Jane leveraged his business by meeting people at conferences.

[6:46] Why Jane learned that it is important to not overbook clients after her first experience with productizing her consulting services.

[9:42] Tips for overcoming the fear of pricing by package instead of pricing by project or by the our.

[11:27] Insights of how an Eastern should position to offer services for the Western market.

[14:55] The birth of Tiny Reminder: from SaaS idea to MVP in 2 months. Benefits and challenges of not being a technical founder.

[26:14], on-boarding email automation for SaaS. Working with partners vs solo-founder.


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