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[41] To Freemium or Not as a Bootstrapper? w/ Josh Haynam (Interact)

April 14, 2020
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Today on the show my conversation with Josh Hayman, co-founder of Interact, where they build Interactive Quiz Builder. This software helps building quizzes primarily for businesses to be used as a content marketing tool on Facebook or own’s landing pages. The quizzes help grow email lists and get leads into the sales funnel.

Josh and partners bootstrapped Interact, so he shares the story of starting from zero to growing up to over +35k users, coming up to 1M ARR. This is very impressive for a bootstrapped company, especially in a niche with highly funded competitors.

We discuss price points, freemium vs paid plans, and what experience Josh’s gained testing those models.


Episode Notes

[3:58] What is Interactive Quiz Builder and what happened when they suspended their freemium offer.

[10:05] Josh’s teens experience in Central California: mowing and installing lawn, trading notebooks. How did they come up with the quiz idea.

[19:08] Struggling getting the first while attending school. Testing marketing channels. Landing the first clients through content marketing.

[30:06] Experiences raising prices. Leveraging the “Adidas-influencers” marketing method to grow 300%.

[41:24] How Josh managed to keep over the funded competition.