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[40] Acquiring a Portfolio of SaaS Products w/ JD Graffam

April 14, 2020
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JD Graffam is the founder Simple Focus, but has experience buying other products, services and agencies.

Simple Focus, his primary agency, is a design UX shop along with a development arm and whole line of SaaS applications. JD’s been able to acquire most of his SaaS products from others, take on them, and bring in to his operation.

It is fascinating how JD built his agency and made a turn to expand his portfolio combining both agency work and SaaS products. Listen to grab JD’s mindset when analyzing a potential acquisition, bringing it under his umbrella, and finally growing it.


Episodes Notes

[2:00] Running an agency together with a products company. The constellation of products behind Simple Focus and Clear Function

[8:41] The evolution from creative writing at high school, working as a web designer at Hilton, and publishing a best-seller about CSS.

[15:53] Challenges owning and growing an agency and why JD went the product route. Buying a SaaS product as a viable way forward after unsuccessful built ones.

[24:17] The story and numbers behind PulseApp, JD’s first acquisition.

[36:42] The day after buying a SaaS app: handing off technical aspects, customer support, and marketing. The steps after building confidence in the service work-flow.