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[33] The Rebirth of Apprenticeships with Taylor Pearson of GetApprenticeship

April 14, 2020
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Today I talk with Taylor Pearson. Taylor started his entrepreneurial journey as an apprentice of Dan and Ian from the Tropical MBA podcast. We talk about his journey since then, writing and launching his now famous book The End Of Jobs, and how this brought him into consulting and coaching.

This year, Taylor focused on a new site called where he matches businesses with apprentices. Definitely, there’s certainly a need on both sides of that equation.

It’s always great to talk to Taylor and get his unique perspective on things. I think he brings a lot of focus to the table. Taylor has a very systems mindset and it’s interesting how his path has evolved these two years and how he’ll evolve next.


Episode Notes

[4:28] Taylor’s apprentice experience with Dan and Ian (Tropical MBA). Steps that brought him to the build-your-lifestyle world.

[9:42] The path to self fund his first book launch, The End Of Jobs. Gaining momentum on Amazon. Benefits and impact of a best-seller. New book coming, about uncertainty and innovation and the relationship between them.

[19:17] How Taylor got into coaching. Structuring in 90 days sprints. Getting clients by referrals.

[25:04] How grew after The End Of Jobs. How companies should frame, and what can they expect from an apprentice position.