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[27] Facebook Ads Funnels & Productizing Social Media Consulting w/ Mojca Mars

April 14, 2020
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Got a really jam packed interview today talking with Mojca Mars, all about social media but more specifically about Facebook and Facebook Ads Funnels.

We spend a bulk of the interview covering how she’s built her social media consulting business and how she was able to find even more focus. Mojca started being a social media management generalist and ended focusing in Facebook Ads, where there’s more value, better clients, better budget, etc.

Mojca is based in Slovenia, so we spend time talking about her experience building an audience and networking in the US, where most of her clients are based. We dig in how she managed to get her first connections and paying clients coming from overseas and basically starting from nothing, but doing it very quickly.

Mojca shares good tips about Facebook Ads Funnels, what’s working today, how to use retargeting, how to get webinars, strategies about Ads image design, video ads, and many more tips.


Episode Notes

[2:00] How Mojca founded Super Spicy Media after her former employers didn’t want to enter the Facebook Ads space. The progression from being a generalist to focusing in Facebook Ads. How it looks working from Slovenia with an US clientele, and strategies to approach and grow an American market from overseas. The story on how Mojca got a speaking gig at a national conference, after systematizing her process of engaging with influencers.

[20:22] Mojca’s strategy to find her first clients by analyzing businesses’ profiles on Facebook. How to build content, and tips to engage people on Facebook.

[31:43] What is working on Facebook Ads today. Doing webinars to establish authority. Why Mojca asks a flat fee for her services, instead of what most social managers do.

[40:23] All about Facebook Ads funnels. The number one mistake founders are making investing on Facebook. The very first thing you should do on Facebook even if you’re not investing on it. Which lead magnets works. Balancing budget between cold audience and retargeting. Best practices with Facebook ads images. Having most success with image and video testimonials.