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[24] Scaling Sales & Growing an Empire w/ Robert Hartline

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to my friend Robert Hartline. I first met Rob at Big Snow Tiny Conf which is the ski/snowboard and business mastermind getaway that I co-organize up in Vermont. Robert built an amazing business that has grown far beyond what most of us from online spaces can really imagine.

Beyond growing a massive chain of Wireless stores, from 1 up to 51 stores, he runs a successful SaaS company called CallProof for sales teams, a ride-sharing app, and so many projects while being able to balance time with family and keep doing the things he’s good at.

Sales. That’s probably the superpower Rob brings to the table. First as a sales person himself, then also training and hiring sales people as to truly scale a business. We dug into comparing B2B vs selling to consumers, also on-the-floor vs online vs on-the-phone. Rob shares many personal anecdotes that shaped the way he approach sales and business.


Episode Notes

[5:05] Rob talks about his successful app, CallProof, a software to track sales activity and support sales people. Also, how Rob manages his time, and the concept of time-shifting.

[11:30] Rob’s funny story on how he got into sales because of a peephole. Then how he evolved from there, and how he turned a problem into an opportunity solving phone problems.

[22:40] Comparison between selling phone accessories vs online products like SaaS apps. Techniques to get customers on-board.

[30:02] Hiring sales people, and teaching the sales process. Rob shares a personal story on how he learned to delegate the sales the hard way.