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[23] The Minimalist Business w/ Paul Jarvis

April 14, 2020
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Paul Jarvis is on the call today. He talks a lot about this concept of building a minimalist business which really got me thinking. We talk about how this concept relates to profitability and lifestyle, but as well as business and personal growth.

We spend a chunk of time talking about his upcoming book, Company of One. For this one he’s going the traditional publishing route. So I asked him what’s like to find an agent, an editor, a publisher, and how works the hole process, including deal packages.

We also talk about software, infoproducts, growing an audience, and how his newsletter evolved from 12 to thousand of people.


Episode Notes

[3:40] The concept of minimalist business and keeping it solo.

[13:13] How Paul vets ideas to avoid the shiny object syndrome.

[25:48] His transition from consultant to more passive revenue through content marketing.

[37:18] Paul’s new book “Company of One”. From the idea, to the process of hiring an agent, pitching, writing a book proposal and publishing the traditional way. Details including book deals, royalties, and distribution.