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[22] Monetizing Podcasts & YouTube Channels w/ Matt Medeiros

April 14, 2020
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Matt is kind of building a podcast and YouTube empire. He’s a WordPress web developer guy, but I think of him as the podcasting mastermind. We dug really deep into setting up a podcast, managing, planning, structuring in, gear he uses, how to monetize, advertising, and how he packages sponsoring in a unique way. Matt talks about his experience building paying membership sites around his podcast and YouTube channels, and leveraging his channels to drive traffic and leads to his products and services. Lots of interesting and detailed and actionable advice, complete with Matt’s tools and tips.


Episode Notes

[2:44] Matt’s all about WordPress: services agency, plugins, membership sites, productized services, and podcast and YouTube channels.

[14:27] Podcasting. How planning seasons helps monetization. Tips on having guests as a host. All about recording schedule, editing, publishing, hardware setup, software, editing, show notes and transcripts.

[36:55] YouTube and Facebook Live. Tips taken from videogamers. New tools to monetize through YouTube and optimizing keywords title and content for ranking.

[46:26] Channels monetization and sponsorships. Advertising packaging options. Peculiarities of the WordPress audience. Techniques  don’t skip ads.

[52:09] Memberships and coaching programs. Churn. A personal experiment.