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[20] Starting a Business with One Viral Blog Post w/ Natasa Lekic

April 14, 2020
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I have a great conversation today with Natasa Lekic from NY Book Editors. She runs a really interesting service for authors who want their books professionally edited and printed. Natasa shares her journey from working in a publishing industry into going on her own and unsuccessfully trying with a software app. Finally, she could leverage her experience in the publishing industry, and opened a done-for-you services company, which has grown very fast. Now Natasa runs the company with her brother and is managing a team with more than 25 editors, where they are combining software automation with some manual human automation to match editors to clients. She also tells about how the company doubled down on content over the last 2 years and the incredibly story about how she found the first costumers from a viral content.


Episode Notes

[6:02] How Natasha left her job and jumped into a software app project without success. How, after that, she decided to return to the field where she felt more confident and experienced, with solid success.

[9:08] The incredible story of how she got her first clients from a viral content: an infographic with more than 42.000 shares

[22:30] Simple automation steps to optimize clients acquisition, customers-editors matching, and interaction with the parts.

[30:51] Content marketing vs AdWords campaigns


Natasa Lekic on Twitter
Natasa Lekic’s company, NY Book Editors