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[19] Designing a Rapid-Growth Productized Service w/ Russ Perry from Design Pickle

April 14, 2020
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Today I’m talking to Russ Perry, founder of Design Pickle. This year 2017 he’s actually growing into a number of other products beyond his business. We’ve talked about their rapid growth, well beyond six figures on MRR. I feel that every time we hear Russ on an interview he’s just multiples ahead of previous interview even if it was just not an amount of time. We have an update on how he’s managing the growth of the team in Philippine (70 people working remotely) as well as the team in the USA, all while traveling with the family. We get into managing multiple products and services. Russ recently purchased YesInsights, a SaaS company, and they’re building their own SaaS on top of what they’ve being doing at Design Pickle. We do a deep dive into Design Pickle today, what it looks like to scale up a productized service, the operations of hiring, boarding clients, optimizing entire processes. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

[04:15] Russ shares juicy numbers about Design Pickle: revenue, customers, production team size and expected growth. Also, why he had to hire an Event Manager.

[12:12] Systems Russ use to manage so many clients, projects, and staff. Why he trains his clients to know what they want.

[20:30] Russ explains the key to scale: systematizing interactions using a ticketing system and repeatable processes.

[36:33] How Russ gets new clients. Dropping conventional marketing strategies and doing hilarious non-sense videos to get clients.

[39:11] Russ explains how and why he bought YesInsights, a SaaS company. How it empowers Design Pickle and how the whole “group” is evolving

[45:42] A Productize Podcast premiere: Jar (Just A Request), Russ new project. A solution to manage high volume of work without leaving your inbox.


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