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[18] Evolution of a Business Coach w/ Tim Conley

April 14, 2020
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On today’s episode, Tim Conley, who you may know from podcast fame of the Foolish Adventure Show (no more updated). Tim is known as a well respected and trusted business coach, or as he would prefer to be called, a business consultant. We got back into Tim’s back story: growing up in a small town in the Midwest, and how he managed to make his dreams come true. He tells us why he entered the Air Force, what he learnt there and how it impacted in his business. Also, Tim remembers the birth of the internet as we know it today, how he navigated those early years, and how he arrived to these days, coaching and consulting business owners.

I always learn when I talk to Tim, and listening this episode I’m sure you’ll learn something too. Enjoy.

Episode Notes

[01:35] Tim’s current focus: showing founders how to bring their business to the next level, and solving the most common problems he finds with the businesses he coaches.

[08:36] Tim’s Tom Sawyer’s childhood, his father’s duck call, and funding his dreams starting a business with refundable bottles.

[17:39] How the Air Force profoundly shaped his mindset, and its similarity with the business world: taking responsibility, systems, and scarce resources and making things happen.

[25:42] Failed business plans HTML 1.0 in the Mosaic/Netscape era. How Tim started consulting by teaching his friends how not to fail. Insurance and used cars to train in selling.

[37:24] From a membership-site with office hours to coaching. Tim’s current consulting structure through closed groups and monthly calls.


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