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When you’re done with billable hours, what comes next?

How do you change your business so that it can scale beyond just yourself?

Put another way: If you’re not at your computer working, are you earning an income?

If you’re a freelancer, a consultant, or even if you run an agency, I’m guessing the answer is no.

So how can you make that transition from the billable hours model into a more scalable business?

One that can run whether you’re at your desk or not…

And one that can actually grow and increase in value month after month, year after year?

But intentionally changing your business so you can make this transition is hard.

Really hard.

Most consultants never really pull it off. Between client work, family time, bills to pay, who has time to work “on” their business?

The Path of Least Resistance.

You’ll hear me talk about this concept a lot:

You need to take the path of least resistance.

The path that will bridge that gap between selling your time to selling products.

That path is the Productized Service model.

For me, and for so many others, this was that path of least resistance that finally got me out of living project-to-project, and into running multiple businesses that have 10x’d the value of what I was doing before.

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Join us for a free 4-part crash course called Productize Your Service. The lessons come in video and text formats.

You're going to learn how to:

  • Apply the Productize model to your business
    Even if every project you do is different from the next.
  • Sell your service at scale
    Without writing long custom proposals for every project.
  • Free yourself from day-to-day client work
    Delegate to a team without sacrificing quality or dealing with management headaches.
  • Transition your business and 10x your value
    Without 10x’ing your time.

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From a Freelancer Turned Business Owner

I started out exactly where you’re at.

Spending way too much time writing proposals for clients that drove me crazy. Earning just enough to get by, but never enough to truly level up my business.

...Until I stumbled upon the Productized Service model.

Since implementing the strategies that I teach here, I’ve been able to grow multiple six-figure businesses (one I was able to sell for a six-figure exit), work with an incredible remote team, and amazing clients who truly value the work and results we deliver.

I’ve had the freedom to travel the world with my wife and two young daughters—all while my business grows whether I’m at my computer or not.

Leveraging the Productized Service Model has enabled me to self-fund and stair-step into new ventures, like software products and training, and more.

It’s an exciting ride and I want to share it with you.

Join me in my free crash course. Let’s get started!

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