When you’re done with
billable hours, what’s next?

Brian Casel
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You’re hustling.

Selling your time for money has kept you busy enough. But wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation? Hire help? Own and grow something of value other than just your time?

What would it take for you to transition from being a freelancer (or 9-5er) to an owner of a self-sustaining business that is primed for growth?

I help entrepreneurs like you figure that out.

Stop hustling. Start scaling.

Maybe you’ve got the same itch that I had soon after I began my self-employed career.

My income was dependent on me being at my keyboard, working. I was tired of all the busy work. Burned out from living deadline-to-deadline. Stressed from not knowing where the next project will come from.

That itch led to action. I set out to make my business my next project.

The goal? To build product(s) that could scale. To craft systems that would free me up to focus on what matters most: Family. Doing work that inspires me. Creating more value for more people.

This project of mine continues through this day.

So far, I’ve managed to build multiple six-figure businesses (one with a six-figure exit). I built amazing teams. I created service businesses that run without me. Software products that customers need. Training programs that actually move the needle for students.

I chose the slow way

Instead of taking on investors or debt to bet it all for a chance to build the next hot tech startup unicorn, I carefully self-funded and stair-stepped by selling with products and services that customers buy (what a novel concept!).

Instead of missing my kids bedtime while stuck in a daily commute, I chose to work from home, build remote teams, and make my own schedule, with plenty of time off for travel, beach days, and snowboard runs.

Making progress in my business, on my schedule and my terms is why I find entrepreneurship so rewarding.

I’d love to help you reap these rewards too.

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