The Productize Crash Course

Break free of billable hours and learn the fundamentals of building a productized service business.

Brian Casel

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Is this you?

You're most pressing challenge these days is Breaking free of selling hours as a consultant and transitioning to a (more scalable) products business.

It took me years to make this transition myself. But once I did, I was able to build and grow multiple six-figure+ businesses (one I even was able to sell).

What made it (finally) click for me was when I embraced the Productized Service model. Productizing helped me gain the traction and systemization my business needed to grow.  Today, my Productized Service business runs and produces without me, so that I can focus on the bigger picture (and take the occasional a paid vacation with my wife and two daughters).

Why am I telling you this?  Because it's what I teach.

I created a free crash course on how to Productize Your Service and break free of billable hours for good.  Subscribe below and I'll send you the first lesson in the course today.

Brian Casel
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Brian Casel

Brian Casel is an entrepreneur who has built multiple six-figure businesses, many of which leveraged the productized service model. Here, he teaches real-world lessons that helped him build a grow a thriving online business.